What are you working on?
I'm currently drawing COUNTERFEIT GIRL for 2000ad with Peter Milligan. Part one launched in Prog 2000 September 2016.
I just finished our LAST GANG IN TOWN mini series for DC Vertigo, it's available in Comic shops, online and digital now! The Trade Paperback comes out on 12th October 2016.
I also finished BAD COMPANY - First Casualties for 2000ad, with Peter Milligan, and Jim McCarthy came out as a TPB in August this year.
I’m also noodling away on my own projects, Solid Gold Death Mask, and Big Time Charlie (with Al Ewing).

How can I contact you?
There’s an email link here on this site. I do reply. I promise.

What is you work process?
My work process changes constantly, depending on the demands of the project, and the approach, and finish I wish to achieve. I post my ‘how to’ posts on my blog, which you can find right here on my site.

Do you do work placements?
I’m afraid not. I get asked this a lot, and I’m afraid my deadlines are just too tight. I’m always busy working, and if I can’t afford to pay someone to help, I don’t want to have someone there for free. One day when I am rich, I’ll hopefully have an assistant… or a robot! Or both!

Do you sell your original art pages?
Not right now. I used to, but decided to keep them instead. Maybe one day huh? I do sell some prints though.

Do you do commissions?
Yes I do, as long as I have the time, and we can agree on what we want. Commissions can be a lotta fun, and often some of my favourite pieces have been commissions.

What sort of paper and pens do you use?
I like drawing/painting on Arches Hot press 300gsm water colour paper, or the slightly rough paper DC Comics send you (I think it’s Canson comic board).
I draw with Faber and Castell pencils, and Pentel 0.3 and 0.5 leads for a mechanical pencil. (they don’t flake)
I’ll ink with just about anything from a ballpoint pen, to a paint brush. Right now I'm inking with Pentel JM20MB disposable fountain pens
Experiment and see what works for you, as long as it scans ok, you’re in business!

Where can I buy your books?







GOSH London